Mark Fleming - Digital and Mixed Media Artist



Mark is an illustrator and artist working in Dublin, Ireland.

He specialises in creating original, digital, and acrylic art and paintings, and printing limited editions of his work on quality card, for framing, or heavy PVC vinyl which can be wall-mounted, unframed.

His art style is semi-abstract and expressionist, sometimes dealing with social or environmental issues. (Often with some humour).

Method / Technique

Some of his work is done entirely as a digital painting, and printed on special textured stock, usually with a limited print edition - A3 in size. (420 mm x 297 mm). Other work is printed on heavy PVC and is a one-off and not printed to a limited amount - usually A2 or A1 in size. (594 mm x 420 mm or 840 mm x 594mm).

Often he enhances a digital work by painting over parts in acrylic paint or oils, giving it a ‘texture’. This technique results in a one-off original work.

Every limited edition print is numbered in pencil at the bottom with the date, edition number, and paper/card type.

All his work is signed personally.

Digital art, printed on PVC board, mounted unframed.